Simple Ways to Enrich Your Cat’s Life: DIY Toys and Games

Despite their reputation for independence and curiosity, cats nevertheless value some additional stimulation and enrichment in their lives. Even if there are a gazillion cat toys on the market, making games and toys yourself at home can be a fun and affordable way to keep your furry pet occupied. In this post, we’ll look at some easy yet wonderful DIY games and toys you may make for your cat.

Understanding Your Cat’s Needs

Before starting DIY projects, learn what your cat needs to thrive. Cats instinctively hunt, prowl, and pounce. A cat’s health depends on mental stimulation and physical exercise. DIY toys and activities can satisfy these instincts and keep cats healthy and happy.

1. Feather Wands

Classic cat toys like feather wands stimulate hunting instincts. DIY feather wands are easy and require few resources. Attach string to one end of a wooden dowel or stout pole. Attach a feather cluster to the string’s other end. To make it more appealing, add bells or crinkly material to mimic prey sounds. Move the feather wand above your cat in different patterns to get it to jump and swat at the feathers. This interactive activity exercises your cat and engages its brain as they plan their “hunt.”

2. Puzzle Feeders

Make feeding time more exciting by engaging your cat’s brain. Instead of feeding them in a bowl, try DIY puzzle feeders. These devices make your cat work for their food, improving their problem-solving. Making a puzzle feeder from a plastic bottle is simple. Fill the bottle with dry cat food or treats through little holes. Food dispenses through the holes as your cat rotates the bottle, enticing them to bat at it and get the treats.

3. Cardboard Constructions

Cats adore cardboard boxes, but you can make cardboard buildings. Save some solid cardboard boxes and cut holes for tunnels and hiding locations. Let your cat explore a cardboard maze you made by taping boxes together. Put food or toys in the boxes to get your cat to find hidden riches. This stimulates your cat’s mind and fulfils its natural drive to hunt hidden prey.

4. Catnip Sock Toys

The natural herb catnip gives cats a brief ecstasy. A simple DIY toy and catnip may keep your cat entertained for hours. Making a catnip toy with an old sock is simple. Fill a clean sock with catnip and knot the end. For extra interest, add crinkly material or little bells. The catnip aroma will captivate your cat, and the sock texture is great for biting and kicking. This easy DIY toy will help your cat relax.

5. Laser Pointer Games

Despite not being tactile, a laser pointer can help your cat play interactively. Cats exercise mentally and physically by chasing the red dot. Laser pointers should be used carefully to avoid annoyance from chasing without a “capture”. End laser play by directing the laser to a little treat or catnip-filled toy to make your cat happier. This makes your cat feel accomplished as they “capture” their prey.

6. DIY Catnip Bubbles

Catnip bubbles make play lively and unpredictable. Mix catnip oil or crushed leaves with water and dish soap to make a bubble solution. Blow catnip bubbles into the air and watch your cat catch them. This fun pastime gets your cat moving by having him leap and swat the floating bubbles. Monitor your cat during bubble play and ensure the catnip concentration is safe.

7. Toilet Paper Roll Treat Dispenser

Make a simple cat treat dispenser from empty toilet paper rolls. Fold one end of the roll to seal the bottom. Add your cat’s favourite treats to the tube and fold the end to close. Your cat will enjoy batting the roll to release the treats, making lunch fun.

8. Fishing Rod Toys

Make a fishing rod toy for your cat to play with. Use a string to attach a small, lightweight toy or feather bundle to a stick or dowel. This DIY toy mimics a flying bird or a scurrying mouse, activating your cat’s hunting instincts. Let your cat jump and bat at the toy by dangling it. Keep the game interesting by changing pace and height. Fishing rod toys are fun and help you bond with your cat.

9. DIY Cat Furniture

Cats love to climb and perch, so making cat furniture is fun. Custom cat trees can be made from plywood, carpet remnants, and sisal rope. Provide platforms, hidey holes, and scratching posts for your cat. Homemade cat furniture lets your cat climb and scratch and offers them a spot to call their own. The cat tree near a window lets your cat explore the world, fulfilling their curiosity.

10. Frozen Treats for Summer

Frozen treats keep cats cool and engaged in summer. Freeze moist cat food on ice cube trays with a little water. Cat-friendly popsicles can revitalize your pet. You can also add a few small toys or goodies to the mixture before freezing to challenge and interest your cat. Licking and chewing the ice will reveal hidden gems, making a simple treat fun.

11. Homemade Catnip Toys

Many cats feel euphoric after eating catnip. Make homemade catnip toys to use this natural stimulant. Fill little fabric pouches with dried catnip. Securely stitch the pouch to prevent your cat from shredding it. From mice to pillows, catnip toys come in several sizes. Rotate these toys to keep your cat interested in the fragrance. Batting, biting, and rolling catnip toys stimulate physically and mentally.

12. Toilet Paper Roll Puzzle

Make a cat puzzle from an empty toilet paper roll. After filling the roll with sweets, fold the other end to close it. Cut a few small holes along the roll to release a treat smell. Treats tumble out when your cat bats and rolls the toilet paper roll. A simple DIY puzzle challenges kids’ problem-solving skills and adds zest to playing.

13. T-shirt Tent

Turn an old t-shirt into a comfy cat tent. Place the shirt on a small table or hanger structure. To make your cat comfy, use a soft blanket or cushion. Cats love a place to hide and explore their surroundings. Your cat needs a peaceful, secure haven, and the t-shirt tent gives it.


Intelligent and curious cats love mental and physical stimulation. DIY toys and games enhance your cat and strengthen your bond. You can make puzzle feeders, cat trees, and catnip toys using your ingenuity. Try different things to see what your cat likes and watch them play. To give your cat a personalized and enriching experience, tailor the activities to his or her tastes.

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