Discovering New Music: Where to Start

In a world of artists, genres, and streaming platforms, discovering new music is exciting and daunting. Many music fans need help figuring out where to start because there are so many options. This book will help you explore new genres and music regardless of your expertise or preference by providing a variety of tools and ways.

Streaming Services: An Opening to a Wide Range of Music

Streaming services have revolutionised music listening and made discovering new artists and genres easier. Large music archives, tailored playlists, and suggestions are available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music.

  • Customised Playlists and Suggestions

    One of streaming services’ biggest benefits is their ability to analyse your listening habits and give recommendations. Algorithms use your favourite musicians, genres, and time of day to select songs. Find personalised hidden gems on Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” or Apple Music’s “For You” playlists.
  • Playlists for Genre Exploration

    Most streaming services offer genre-specific playlists. Browse these genre playlists for new music. Whether you like indie rock, electronic, hip-hop, or classical, there’s a playlist for you. Thanks to algorithms, you discover new music outside your comfort zone.
  • Playlists and Communities Created by Users

    Music fans can submit their favourite songs to Spotify’s community-driven playlists and discover new music. Online music communities and forums may offer recommendations from like-minded people. Reddit features subreddits for sharing and learning new music, where music fans can share suggestions.

Music Magazines and Blogs: The Craft of Curation

Technological advances have transformed how consumers find new music, yet blogs and magazines still choose and showcase contemporary artists.

  • Blogs with a Specific Genre

    There are a lot of blogs that focus on specific genres and offer in-depth analyses, interviews, and playlists that have been meticulously chosen. There is a good chance that there is a blog out there that caters to your preferences in music, regardless of whether you prefer techno, jazz, metal, indie, or any other genre. Stay up to date with these blogs in order to find out about new albums and discover up-and-coming musicians in the genre that you prefer.
  • Digital Music Periodicals

    Pitchfork, NME, Rolling Stone, and other online music publications provide a broader picture. These websites write about mainstream and underground performers in many genres. These journals might introduce you to new musicians and their unique sounds and perspectives.
  • Podcasts: An Audio Exploration

    Podcasts have grown in popularity as a way to discover new music and learn about artists’ processes. A lot of podcasts include reviews, interviews, and carefully chosen playlists, which makes them a fun way to find undiscovered gems. There is a plethora of content available for exploration, whether it is a podcast that concentrates on a particular genre or one that showcases up-and-coming performers.

Immersion Experiences with Live Performances and Local Scenes

One enjoyable method to find new music and support local musicians is to go to live concerts and check out the local music scenes.

  • Open Mic Nights and Local Venues

    Visit local pubs, open mics, and music venues to experience your neighborhood’s vibrant music culture. These tiny events often showcase new musicians and allow music enthusiasts and musicians to network. With an open mind, you may unearth a secret treasure not released on mainstream platforms.
  • Musical Extravaganzas: Music Festivals

    Music festivals feature established and emerging artists in a variety of genres. Attendees often see many performances and discover new music. Explore different stages, attend workshops, and be open to seeing your next musical discovery live.

Crowdsourced Discovery on Social Media

Social networking sites allow users to exchange and discover new music through their posts, comments, and vibrant communities, making them great tools for finding new music.

  • Challenges and Hashtags

    Search Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok for music challenges and hashtags. Trends that emphasise songs or genres sometimes spark discussions about emerging musicians. Performing these chores or reading-related material may unearth musical jewels.
  • Adhere to Labels and Artists

    Follow your favourite artists and record labels on social media for new releases and collaborations. Artists’ shoutouts and suggestions reveal the music scene. Interacting with these posts can lead to related musical discoveries.
  • Collaborative Sites: Linking Music Enthusiasts

    A number of services are created expressly to link music lovers and make recommendation exchanges easier.
  • Last. fm and RateMyMusic

    Users can interact with like-minded people, discover new releases, and document their musical preferences on sites such as RateYourMusic and Last. fm. These platforms are useful resources for finding new music since they use user data to offer tailored suggestions based on your listening preferences.
  • Musical Activities and Tasks

    Make playlists or estimate songs from snippets in online games. SongPop and Spotify’s collaborative playlists let users challenge friends and discover new music.

Learning the Foundations on Educational Platforms

Exploring the history of music or learning about the origins of a particular genre can broaden your appreciation and lead to fascinating discoveries.

  • Documentaries and Courses on Music History

    Movies and online courses explore musical genres’ histories. Knowing a genre’s history might help you find hidden gems and contextualise present musicians. Educational websites, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, offer a lot of music content.
  • Music Libraries and Archives

    Discover a plethora of rare and historical recordings by exploring online music archives and libraries. For people who are curious about the origins of various musical genres, resources such as the Library of Congress National Jukebox or specialised archives can be invaluable.


Trying new music is a wonderful adventure. You can choose from streaming platforms’ algorithmic precision, music blogs’ curated insights, live concerts’ immersive experiences, or social media’s collaborative enthusiasm. Keeping an open mind, exploring multiple sources, and accepting the probability of accidental music discovery is key. Thanks to the developing music scene, you can discover new artists and genres with a click or a live performance. Put on your headphones, attend a local concert, or listen to a professionally curated playlist to discover new music.

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